Sun's goes too far in McCrary coverage

March 09, 2010

The recent aggressive reporting of the marital problems of the McCrary household is an unfortunate and sad commentary on the media's search for "newsworthy" items ("McCrary's wife granted protective order against ex-Raven," March 8). I do not agree that this is major news to Baltimore but, even worse, I do not understand why The Baltimore Sun has spread the name of the Mike McCrary's minor child in some of the articles that they have printed in recent days. I was dismayed and shocked by your lack of sensitivity and regard for a child.

In this day and age, the media do not even print the names of alleged underage criminals, yet you have spread an innocent, six-year-old child's name across the pages of your paper. On the other hand, local television news reports have been careful to refer to her only as "their daughter."

Where is your sense of decency? Shame on you! The Baltimore Sun should look carefully at their policies on this issue and apologize to the McCrary family and to all of us who have been offended by this abuse of a child.

Pat Shannon Jones, Towson

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