GOP budget plan would create jobs

March 09, 2010

Maryland is supposed to be somewhat insulated from the rising unemployment the country is experiencing due to our proximity to Washington and the jobs coming from the military base realignment process.

That does not reassure families who do not fall into those two categories and are suffering during this recession.

Most people work for small businesses, and small business has borne the brunt of Maryland's anti-business patterns in making tax decisions.

Maryland's corporate tax rate is 8.25 percent compared to Virginia's 6 percent. Gov. Martin O'Malley and the Democrats in Annapolis like to go after the "big corporations." The sad fact is the increased corporate tax rate falls on any business that is incorporated. Many small businesses, which have as few as one or two employees, are still getting stuck with this increased tax rate. This directly affects the bottom line. The constant attack on small business stifles growth. You might not care if a business makes a profit, but that business will not thrive and grow. No growth equals no new job creation. It really is as simple as that.

The non-partisan Tax Foundation ranks Maryland 45th in its list of worst business climates in the nation. Maryland is 49th in its list of personal income tax rankings.

The numbers don't lie; this is not a good environment for business to thrive.

Fellow citizens, this is what happens when you have total domination of one political party running everything in Annapolis.

The House Republican Caucus has proposed a very good plan to address the budget in a responsible manner that eliminates the budget deficit, avoids any new taxes and reverses the tax hikes of 2007 and gradually reduces the overall tax burden on Maryland citizens and businesses.

If the GOP proposals are adopted, then Maryland businesses will have relief and confidence in an environment that will support and promote growth. If businesses grow then the jobs will follow.

Loretta Shields, Dayton

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