WTMD's Baltimore Unsigned: No Mistakes about power-pop

March 09, 2010|by WTMD | wtmd.org | b free daily

Artist: The Honest Mistakes

Hometown: Baltimore

Members: Joylene Dalia (lead vocals); Chris Ehrich (guitar, backup vocals); Adam Kvisaari (bass); Frank Corl (drums)

Sound: Guitar-driven power-pop that isn't afraid to be proud of its genre

Fact: The band feels they have finally found the sound they've been looking for on this record.

Project: Break Up is available now.

Next Gig: On "this-baby-isn't-going-to-raise-itself" hiatus

More: myspace.com/thehonestmistakes

CRAZY LOVE: "'If It Isn't Me' is about a boyfriend I had in high school," Dalia says. "He had [a] picket-fence image of us spending the rest of our lives together. He had everything figured out, except he didn't bother to include me in his plans. He just figured it out for us. It didn't matter who the girl was, that's just what he wanted.”

NAME CHECK: "We started calling ourselves The Chris and Joylene Show because we wanted to be in charge," Ehrich says. "We found a couple people that really got what we were doing and decided we wanted to be a band. Besides, The Chris and Joylene Show made us sound like a Vegas revue. The Honest Mistakes was the name we hated least."

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