Legislators thwart direct wine sales -- again

March 08, 2010

Thanks to Julie Bykowicz's article in Saturday's Sun, "Wine Shipping All Bottled Up" (Mar. 6) readers have a clearer picture of the sad situation in Annapolis regarding consumers' and sellers' inability to directly ship wine in Maryland. It is time to end the stalling tactics of committee heads Sen. Joan Carter Conway (Baltimore City) and Del. Dereck Davis (Prince George's County). While they claim to be compromising, they are not. They are continuing to block their own committee members (our legislators) from having a chance to vote on bills to allow direct wine shipping. Is this any way to legislate?

Before the primaries, The Sun should publish the size of the contributions the liquor lobby is giving to key members of the Maryland legislature. Readers need to see the whole picture. Then they can vote for members who are working in the public interest.

Dawson Ahalt, Frederick

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