Rodricks takes cheap shots at Catholic church

March 08, 2010

Dan Rodricks seems to think it's wrong for people to donate to restoration of the Basilica of the Assumption and it's grounds ("What are the archdiocese's priorities?" Mar. 7). He appears to think that these targeted donations should have somehow been diverted to additional subsidies to Catholic schools, in addition to the millions already being spent.

He also alleges without citation that there are many Catholics who are suspicious of the "Vatican hordes of immeasurable treasure," meaning presumably that the church should sell off the Vatican museum to support Catholic schools. By that logic the city, state and federal governments should sell off parks, public lands and other public properties to cover their current budget deficits.

Also without citation he directs more cheap shots by dragging in the sex abuse scandal, his and opinion that "there is still much about it that -- and it's costs -- that are still unknown" and his wondering whether schools are being closed to raise cash for damages. If there is any definitive substance to these allegations, he should make it known.

Mr. Rodricks clearly has a problem with the Catholic Church, but he shouldn't be using a laudable aspect of the church's social ministry in Baltimore, where 80 percent of city parochial students are non Catholic, to vent his dissatisfactions.

Joseph Erving, Timonium

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