Don't throw away Gibbons tradition

March 08, 2010

I am both shocked and appalled at the Archdiocese of Baltimore's decision to close the Cardinal Gibbons School. Although it is understandable that the church is facing economic hardship as with the rest of the country, there is absolutely no reason to eliminate a prestigious and well known private school such as Gibbons.

Certainly, the archdiocese must maintain its financial viability, and cutting some schools may be a necessary decision, but I strongly suggest the church reconsider eliminating Cardinal Gibbons from the school system. I am sure the archdiocese has heard from many parents, students and graduates who are extremely upset about the consolidation of the selected 13 schools. This backlash against the closing of these schools was surely expected, but a much larger protest will be heard for Cardinal Gibbons.

The Cardinal Gibbons School has prepared young adults for higher learning through an education based on the teachings of Christ. This religious base gives young adults the proper environment to grow and begin to make their own decisions. Not only does Gibbons prepare our current children, the school also has a deep and rich history along with successful alumni and a strong faculty. I strongly suggest you reconsider throwing this away.

Matthew J. Clark

The writer graduated from Cardinal Gibbons in 2007.

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