Idea to rent Catholic schools for $1 makes no sense

March 08, 2010

Baltimore City Councilman Nicholas D'Adamo wants Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien to rent closed Catholic schools to the city for $1 per year ("Charter schools may emerge from closures," Mar. 8). The archdiocese can't afford to maintain these schools as Catholic Schools. Councilman D'Adamo wants the archdiocese to subsidize the city of Baltimore, when the Archdiocese of Baltimore couldn't afford Catholic Schools.

The Catholic School system saves the Baltimore City, Maryland counties, and the state of Maryland millions of dollars. There are bills before the legislature in Annapolis to give some relief for Catholic education. I don't believe Councilman D'Adamo has really thought out this proposal. If he had, he would see it makes no sense except to make Archbishop O'Brien the bad guy for not going along with this proposal.

Timothy Weber, Baltimore

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