Ask Outdoors Girl: How do I keep my boot laces tied?

March 07, 2010|By Candus Thomson

A colleague, Jerry Bayne, asks a question I hear a lot: My Asolo boot laces keep coming untied no matter how tightly I knot them. Would you know of a trick to make the laces less slippery to each other? I'm thinking maybe I should rub them with a rosin bag.

Outdoors Girl, who has cursed many an untied lace in her time, responds: I feel your pain. Ever since shoemakers switched from flat laces to rounded ones, laces have been at loose ends. You'd think that boots costing more than $150 would tie themselves. But no. Rosin might work, but as someone who sat near the string section in high school orchestra, I can tell you that rosin bags make rosin dust - nasty stuff. Some people I know use lip balm on the section of lace they tie. I tie my boots with a double knot, and that seems to work. Runner's World magazine addresses the issue of loose laces with step-by-step instructions on how to tie a reef knot, which editors say is superior to the granny knot. There's even a video:


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