UM students an embarrassment

March 07, 2010

Since when is "Hell Night 101" one of the course offerings at the University of Maryland, College Park?

The comportment of some of the students after the victory over Duke the other night was abhorrent, embarrassing and absolutely not to be tolerated.

It's embarrassing enough when the UM student section chants epithets at opposing players. Kids will be kids, and they're obviously feebly attempting to "out-crazy" the "Duke Crazies" student section at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Yes, the Duke students may unnerve the opposing players, but I do not believe they resort to cursing the visiting players and team. Perhaps they're just too intelligent to stoop to that level. Are you listening, Maryland students?

The post-victory behavior by some (perhaps just a few) of the Maryland students was completely embarrassing to the basketball team, the university and to this fine state. The accused juvenile dolts should not only be immediately expelled, they should also stand charges in a court of law in the state. Oust them from the university and press charges against these few who are quickly besmirching the name of the University of Maryland.

Enough is enough.

Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

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