Reconciliation: tyranny of the majority

March 07, 2010

The present functioning of the Democrat-controlled Congress concerning health care reform points to the inherent dangers of the unlimited power of its majority upon our republic. The ensuing consequences of the tyranny of a majority thwarting the will of the people were most feared by both Jefferson and de Tocqueville. They thought it to be an impious and detestable act for a legislative majority to use their authority of absolute power to pass laws they considered just but their constituents considered unjust.

Unlimited power of any kind is a bad and dangerous thing as it is the germ of tyranny. It is an accepted maxim that liberty is endangered when a legislative majority enforces an arbitrary law and there is no power to retard its vehemence. The present health care bill strikes at the heart of our democratic values, and that can prove fatal to many of our personal freedoms. We are at risk.

But the American people are striking back and winning the argument in the public square. They have driven the Democrats into hiding, as about 70 percent of our citizens have an unfavorable opinion of this monstrosity that they deem too onerous for the many. To now attempt to pass it through a reconciliation vote would be an unforgivably offensive act to the citizens of our republic and to the republic itself.

Thought is the invisible and subtle power that mocks the Democrats' effort to force a despotic act through their majority. Their nefarious actions have become a national scandal as they buy the votes for passage and now attempt to skirt the normal Senate rules. Democrats are fleeing from public transparency as all who stray from our values do.

Jefferson, one of our most powerful advocates of democracy opined, "The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared." But, given the energetic voice of the executive trying to prove the necessity of government health care, that branch of government may not be far behind. Massachusetts is not the canary in the mines for the Democrats but a thousand dead canaries. I believe the voice of the people will heartily mitigate the tyranny of this majority legislature in November.

Richard Spencer, Frankford, Del.

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