Catholic Charities is here to help -- unless you're gay

March 07, 2010

So the Vatican rears it's ugly head yet again ("Catholic Charities urged not to cut spouses' health benefits," Mar. 5). You've go to love dogma. Here we have a "faith based" organization whose mere existence is to help fellow human beings in need. Oh, except if you happen to work for this organization, and/or if you are a same sex couple. Oh, and now we'll just get around the problem of extending health benefits to same sex couples by doing away with any spousal health care benefits at all. Because, you see, our long charitable arm only reaches so far.

Yes, here at Catholic Charities, we are here to help. That is, if you conform to our view the world.

Keep your charity, keep your job offer. I'll stick to the tried and true form of charity that espouses every human being who is in need should be helped. Even if I don't agree with their politics, religion or sexual orientation.

Marc Hayes, Baltimore

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