Kirstie Durr

March 07, 2010|By Sloane Brown | Special to The Baltimore Sun

Kirstie Durr says she doesn't have one particular look. "I have some conservative pieces. I have some crazy pieces. I've got pieces that are more trendy, " the senior vice president at Nevins & Associates said. What's important to this 39-year-old Fallston resident is adding a little zing to each outfit. When we Glimpsed Durr at Martin's Valley Mansion for the American Heart Association's Heart Ball, her outfit had plenty of zing while adhering to the party's red theme.

The look: Red satin Maggy London banded cocktail dress with bow and asymmetrical neckline. Black fishnet hose. Black satin Zigi Soho peep-toe platform pumps. Black satin and tulle ruffle clutch. Black beaded stretch bracelet. Mother of pearl-faced Raymond Weil watch. Rhinestone stud earrings.

Where it came from: She bought the dress and fishnets at Nordstrom. The shoes came from DSW Shoe Warehouse. She found the handbag at White House | Black Market. Her watch was a J. Brown Jewelers purchase. She's had the earrings and bracelet for years.

Her fashion formula: "When I put together an outfit, I always try to add something that's a little off-the-wall - whether it's fishnets with a red dress, or a conservative suit with knee-high boots. ... Right now, I'm into very big chunky rings."

Her fashion passion: "Shoes. Right now, I'm very much into very high platform shoes - boots, pumps. And I like different color shoes."

Where she shops: "Nordstrom and White House | Black Market. I go to Loehmann's, but I haven't been going there as much as I used to. Vasarri, Box of Rain, Fresh."

Her fashion do: "Dress your age. [My daughter] often wants to look more sophisticated. But, there are certain things I won't wear at my age, and I think there are certain things people shouldn't wear at her age. I'm not going to wear those short-short super ruffled mini-skirts. ... I don't like my daughter wearing tops that are really low cut and pants that are really low-rise."

Her fashion don'ts: "You know those people who keep their jeans for 15 years? They're still wearing their Lee's? Sometimes they just have to modernize their pieces. Not that there's anything wrong with Lee's, but get a new pair of jeans. ... Don't overdo your makeup. ... Enhance your natural beauty."

Her quick fix: "If you don't have the energy to get yourself ready, as long as you have a pair of jeans that fit well, a nice pair of shoes and a nice bag, you'll be ready to go."

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