Pop goes the culture: 'Bachelor,' LiLo's memoir and more

March 05, 2010|by Jordan Bartel | jordan@bthesite.com | b free daily

Still coming down from the unexpectedly riveting Winter Olympics? We've got you covered. Here's our pop culture week in review -- with a bit of Olympics chaser to go down smoothly.

VIENNA WINS 'THE BACHELOR': Apparently, not just for sausages anymore.

ASTRO-NUT: Oh, Buzz Aldrin. You can either talk scientifically about bringing man to Mars or you can join the cast of "Dancing With the Stars." But not both.

LINDSAY LOHAN TO PEN MEMOIR: Stop trying to make "respectability" happen, Lindsay. It's not going to happen.

WOMAN PRETENDING TO BE DIDDY'S WIFE ARRESTED: We'd totally believe an insanity defense for this one.

BLANKET JACKSON'S COUSIN TRIES TO ATTACK HIM WITH STUN GUN: It's really just the 46th weirdest thing to happen to a Jackson family member.

LIFE CHANGE?: We may quit our job and start our own business just so we can be on one of the planned spinoffs of History Channel's "Pawn Stars."

ENVIRONMENTALLY UNFRIENDLY: It's kind of hard for us to accept Sarah Palin pitching a "Planet Earth"-esque show about Alaska considering she kills wolves from a plane.

ALREADY BOOKING OUR FLIGHT: China now has a dwarf theme park called Kingdom of Little People. Suck it, Busch Gardens.

"LATE NIGHT ALL-NIGHTER CHEESEBURGER" FLAVORED DORITOS RELEASED: We tried one, but then preferred to keep our taste buds (and colon) intact.

2 PUSSYCAT DOLLS QUIT THE GROUP: They're finally joining the rest of us who did the same thing four years ago.

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