Obama can fine me, but I'm not buying health insurance

March 04, 2010

Health care reform will not be fixed by mandating health insurance. Why? I have a blue folder documenting all the medical bills the insurance does not cover because it is the patient's responsibility! We still have a lot of medical bills with insurance. Could it be worse? Yes. Could it be better? Oh yes, but this is not the reform we need!

I have a master's degree. I am not offered insurance at my job. I won't qualify for assistance. I can't afford insurance. I have three children. I have to work part time because full time day care for three children would cost me money to work. Needless to say, I have three children to pay for, so I live paycheck to paycheck. If I could afford health insurance, I would have bought it already. My children have insurance, but I don't want it.

President Obama is hurting me!

Why am I being punished for doing the right thing? I am a working, educated mother trying to make ends meet!

President Obama wants me fined!

I will not buy health insurance. I will not!

Go ahead and fine me. With my two degrees and pitiful salary, I can't even qualify for a single family home of my own. What are you going to take from me? My kids are all I own anyway!

Sarah Victoria Richard, Dundalk

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