No more delays for health care reform

March 04, 2010

My daughter and I are victims of our current broken health care system after having been dumped by the Blues for no reason at all; no health problems, no use of the insurance other than routine physical exams. It was a blessing in disguise. I live in Maryland, a state with a conscience, which stepped up and devised its own health insurance plan for folks like us. My premiums are far less than the Blues, and I'm happy to say that we continue healthy and the Blues are out a lot of money from their decision to drop us.

But millions don't live in states like Maryland, and for them, and all of us, this crazy situation has got to end. It is not possible that a nation such as ours can see people bankrupted and dying for lack of health care. I'm angered by the lengthy discussions of dollars and cents with little discussion of what we owe each other as citizens of this nation.

The time for reform is now. No more "death of a thousand cuts" tactics by Republicans, no more delays and obstructionism and demagoguery, no more tea party death panels and ugly town hall shouting fests. Elections have consequences, and the majority rules, even in the U.S. Senate.

We shame ourselves before the world if we continue to countenance the deaths and impoverishments of millions to satisfy the same ideology that brought us the Great Recession, two unfunded wars and tax cuts for the wealthy.

I campaigned for this president because I believe in him, his platform, and in particular in the reform of our health care system. It's time to make good on those promises and let our voices be heard.

Judith Plunkett, Upperco

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