Closing Gibbons makes no sense

March 04, 2010

As a member of the Cardinal Gibbons School class of 1969 and a former member of the Gibbons board, I am shocked and surprised by the decision of Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien and the Archdiocese of Baltimore to close Cardinal Gibbons ("Disbelief, outrage in face of Gibbons' closing," Mar. 4). While I understand and appreciate the need to consolidate schools that are losing money, Cardinal Gibbons is not among that group. Gibbons has no debt, has a moderately increasing enrollment and is the only Catholic high school option in Southwest Baltimore. Mt. Saint Joe and Archbishop Spalding high schools are filled to capacity and have tuitions several thousand dollars more than Gibbons. The closing of Gibbons at the end of the year effectively deprives 300 young men and their families of a Catholic high school education and the values that such an education provides.

If Gibbons costs the Archdiocese little or nothing to operate, other than some financial aid to some of its students, the stated reason for the closing does not make sense.

Jack Andryszak, Annapolis

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