Archdiocese must reconsider Gibbons closure

March 04, 2010

To say that I am disappointed to hear that Cardinal Gibbons School is closing is an understatement ("Disbelief, outrage in face of Gibbons' closing," Mar. 4). I am writing you this e-mail because I believe that the true Gibbons spirit and the quality of Catholic men that Gibbons produces are the very essence of what is at stake with Gibbons' closure. I believe that it is a moral wrong to deprive society of the types of men who would receive a Catholic education, specifically from Cardinal Gibbons.

In 1992, I was the only male student from St. Agnes Middle School to choose Gibbons as a high school. Other students chose Mount Saint Joseph. To me, the fact that I listened to my conscience and followed through with enrollment at Gibbons was a significant step in growing not only into adulthood but into a Catholic adulthood. To this day, I have no regrets from doing so. I would do it again if I had the chance. Gibbons is not just about academics and athletics. It is a place where the values of the church are instilled into the student body on a daily basis, ultimately making them level headed, Christ-like young men, who I believe the church needs in order to remain strong.

Please reconsider this closure. Gibbons is needed. It is needed in Baltimore, it is needed in the hearts and minds of students and families who desire a Catholic education, and above all else, it is needed to preserve the quality of life that Christ himself wants us to continue to provide to each other. Please reconsider this closure. God bless.

Mike LaMartina, Baltimore

The writer graduated from Cardinal Gibbons school in 1996.

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