Picking on state worker is a cheap shot

March 03, 2010

Oh what great joy it must be to publish an article criticizing an overworked, furloughed-due-to-no-fault-of-her-own public employee ("Button-pusher pushes caller over the edge," Mar. 3). Richard Manieri tells us that he knows how to use the Internet but that when he was unable to locate what he calls a state Board of Pharmacy reciprocity packet, he reached, via telephone, a rude and useless state employee whom he names "Wendy." He quotes her a couple times as saying that he could not apply online and "You have to go to these websites."

Perhaps he should have listened to her rather than merely gather fodder for this screed. I say this because I decided to see if I could find what he was looking for. In less than 4 clicks of my mouse, I found the state's "Application for Pharmacist Reciprocity" here. Wendy was correct. You cannot apply online; you must print out the document and mail it in. Before getting to that page, I also found a nifty page that he could have filled out to get the information he needed.

Before printing the piece, did anyone at The Sun even consider seeing if Mr. Manieri's complaint made any sense? I'll bet not.

Michael Field, Baltimore

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