Policy, not race, is why we object to Obama

March 03, 2010

I can't believe you let Leonard Pitts continue to espouse racism in your paper ("Race just one factor in tea party rage against Obama," Feb. 28). His sentence, "Yes, race is obviously a major component of the reaction against the president," is blatently untrue. Of course there are racists out there on both sides of the fence, but most of us against President Obama are also against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (a white male) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (a white female).

We are really opposed to an out of control, fiscally indifferent government (and by the way, most of us were against President Bush running up the deficit too). We are in real danger of losing our position as the free world's leader due to continued dismal economic proposals of the current administration. Name one thing he has done to improve our balance of payments?

The current health care proposals at 2,400 pages are just awful. The ony winners will be lawyers and bureaucrats. No doubt we need to reduce the cost of health care (tort reform and allowing interstate competition are just two ideas), and we need to give better health care to the poor (though not illegal immigrants), and we also need to cover those with pre-existing conditions. But that doesn't take 2,400 pages!

Please address the issues in the future and understand that many of us readers are semi-intelligent (although certainly not elite).

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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