Archdiocese better have a good reason for closing Cardinal Gibbons

March 03, 2010

Word is circulating today that the Cardinal Gibbons School of Baltimore is closing. I hope that clear and definitive reasons for closing the school will be addressed by Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien. What a shame to close a school of dedicated administrators, teachers parents and outstanding young men who are trying to find a place in this world.

We have one son who graduated from Gibbons and one is a sophomore and will now be denied the right to graduate from Gibbons. While enrollment and donations to the school have dropped over the last few years, there was hope and a renewal of spirit at Gibbons, and all appeared to be on the rise even if it was slow going.

I only hope and pray that the decision to close Gibbons had to do with lack of financial stability and not about a potential sale of the property to St. Agnes Hospital. If the latter is the case, shame on the Archdiocese for selling out an outstanding group of young men now and in the future. Please tell us it isn't so Archbishop O'Brien!

Butch Haines

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