Dixon should do her community service in the pregnancy centers she targeted

March 02, 2010

I read with interest the article about former Mayor Sheila Dixon stepping back into the spotlight ("In public return, Dixon dwells on achievements," Feb. 25). She was promoting some of her pet causes -- one of which was prenatal care.

Ms. Dixon signed the bill (that our current Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake sponsored in the City Council) requiring all pregnancy centers in Baltimore to post a sign that tells those walking into these centers what they don't provide -- abortion referrals.

Since the signs on all these centers say "pregnancy," I expect that the women coming in there are looking for prenatal care. In fact, many of the women entering these centers take two or three bus lines just to get there for their prenatal supplies (provided for free) and support and help after the baby's birth (also for free). In fact, the Center for Pregnancy Concerns would be a great place for Ms. Dixon to do some of her court-ordered community service, where she can help in prenatal care. She can also invite Mayor Rawlings-Blake to see what these centers do rather than what they don't do.

Vicky Schetelich, Baltimore

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