It's about time Md. legalized medical marijuana

March 01, 2010

I am an ovarian cancer patient currently on chemotherapy. I have had unrelenting nausea that has not been alleviated by any of the current anti-nausea drugs. It was suggested by one of my physicians that I try smoking marijuana, but marijuana used for medicinal purposes has not been recognized by the state of Maryland. So, in order to use something that might be beneficial to my health, I would be breaking the law risking possible fines and/or jail time.

In 1995 in Charles County, my son, attorney Andrew Dansicker, defended an AIDS patient who was arrested for growing four marijuana plants (for his own use) on his farm. This was the first medical marijuana case tried in the state. Fifteen years later, why are we still debating the issue?

I support Del. Dan Morhaim's bill to allow marijuana to be dispensed by prescription to patients who would benefit from its use.

Janice S. Dansicker, Baltimore

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