Today's horoscopes: No liar, liar pants on fire for Pisces

March 01, 2010|Jen Bem

Here is your astrological forecast for Monday, March 1, courtesy of your resident scopetress Jen Bem.

Pisces 02.19-03.20 Tell the truth this afternoon, no matter who is confronting you. If you try to cover with a lie, you'll prolong the consequences and make things worse.

Aries 03.21-04.19 It may be Monday, but that doesn't mean you're not already stressed about the week ahead. The sun will help you see that life doesn't suck as much as you thought.

Taurus 04.20-05.20 Enjoy time with your honey this afternoon. Busy schedules have been keeping you apart, so get the most out of the moment while you've got it.

Gemini 05.21-06.21 You will run into adversity today. Everything keeps going wrong and you don't know why. You're doing what you're supposed to, but the results aren't positive. Try again tomorrow.

Cancer 06.22-07.21 Don't let a little bad luck get you down today. Let bubbly Saturn keep your spirits up and soon you'll find yourself surrounded by positive energy. Being positive is contagious.

Leo 07.22-08.22 Venus will coax you into showing off tonight. Nothing will stop you from flaunting your looks and sex appeal this evening. Enjoy the attention.

Virgo 08.23-09.22 Mars will give you the courage to finally tell off that person who always gives you a massive headache. Be prepared to be the hero of the office.

Libra 09.23-10.22 Neptune will make you dissatisfied with everything today. This could cause seriously hurt feelings that you will need to address as soon as you realize you're being a jerk.

Scorpio 10.23-11.21 Tone down your aggressive behavior. Mercury will teach you how to deal with people who don't respond the way you'd like them to without going completely soft.

Sagittarius 11.22-12.21 You're starting out the week going a million miles a minute and you'll soon feel worn out. You have the whole week to get work done. There is no reason to go crazy.

Capricorn 12.22-01.19 You will second-guess things today. You'll re-evaluate relationships, your job and other major life choices. This may be a good time to take inventory of what's important and what's not.

Aquarius 01.20-02.18 Your spiritual side will be out of balance today. Take time out of your schedule to get in touch with the things that keep you centered.

Jen Bem provides your horoscope Monday through Friday online and in b, the paper. To have your horoscope sent to your cell phone, text 70701 with your sign (I.E. Aries, Aquarius, etc.). Standard text messaging rates apply.

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