Ron Smith writes what many of us believe

February 27, 2010

Kudos to Ron Smith for his willingness to put out there in print what many of us believe is true but lack the courage to voice to a large readership ("Showdown over public employee benefits looming," Feb. 26). His article regarding public employee benefits was right on, but I found his opinions on our education system to be the most interesting.

I believe his view of education is unfortunately true. The current politically correct view of education to everyone at any cost is wrong. Educators are only a portion of what makes our country what it is (or should be). They are not the fabric that holds us together as some may think.

I know some wonderful educators. I know some not-so-wonderful ones also. Some of the not-so-wonderful ones are retired from the system (after a career of not working 50 weeks a year like the folks who helped fund their jobs).

Joe Penxa

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