Four Corners: Which team's GM is likely to gamble on Tomlinson?

February 26, 2010

Pats like proven vets
Ken Murray

Baltimore Sun

If LaDainian Tomlinson limits his prospective employment to teams capable of winning the Super Bowl, he has reduced his options to a very small field. And then he's going to have to take a very modest contract, given his performance level in 2009 (730 rushing yards, 3.3 per carry, 20 catches) for a very good team.

There is a reasonably good chance no Super Bowl contender will offer Tomlinson, 30, that chance. But history says that Bill Belichick in New England might, and Mike Shanahan in Washington could. Which is not to say the Redskins are a Super Bowl contender.

It appears that unless LT is willing to join a team like the Bengals or Bucs, his best chance to reach the Super Bowl still might be through San Diego. And he just cashed out there.

Brees, Saints could call
Sam Farmer

Los Angeles Times

A landing spot for LT? Why not New Orleans?

He mentioned the Saints as an option last year, before he was re-signed by the Chargers, and his friendship with Drew Brees is well-documented.

Brees, meanwhile, has never been more influential than he is now. If he wants Tomlinson, the Saints are going to listen.

What's more, the future of Reggie Bush there is unclear. He's due for a big pay bump this year, and his bang-for-the-buck quotient is debatable.

We've seen how good LT performed in MartyBall. Let's see him do Mardi Gras.

Past prime, so Redskins
Ethan J. Skolnick

Sun Sentinel

Of the top 10 rushers in 2007, only one is likely to be the same team's feature back in 2010. That will be Adrian Peterson in Minnesota. Of the other nine, only Clinton Portis (likely to be released) and Brian Westbrook (already released) have a real shot to be a feature back for a new organization. That leaves out LaDainian Tomlinson, whose yardage total and per-carry average has declined steeply during the last two years.

So who signs Tomlinson? My initial answer is, "Who cares?" It likely won't matter as much to that team as identity of the backup swing offensive tackle. For a guess, though, I'll go with Washington after new GM Bruce Allen releases Portis, since Dan Snyder's Redskins have always had a thing for big-name players past their prime.

Skins think big splash?
Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

Almost every NFL general manager has to look hard at LaDainian Tomlinson. But only a few will be bold enough to try to sign a 30-year-old who has seen better days. Among those who could take the risk are Buddy Nix of the Bills (he used to work for the Chargers), Rick Spielman of the Vikings (Tomlinson could be a nice complement to Adrian Peterson) and Kevin Colbert of the Steelers (coach Mike Tomlin reportedly is pushing for it).

But the general manager who might make the biggest play is Bruce Allen of the Redskins. He could be looking to make a big splash in his first season with the team, and owner Dan Snyder loves to sign big-name free agents. What's more, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has great respect for Tomlinson from coaching against him when he was with AFC West.

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