Developers need to take responsibility for pollution

February 24, 2010

What untold number of years will we have to wait for developers to take responsibility for their actions ("Md. lawmakers propose delaying, weakening storm-water pollution control," Feb. 18)?

Del. Marvin E. Holmes Jr. says he agrees with the "objectives" of a restored Chesapeake Bay. Let's be clear what those objectives are: water Marylanders can enjoy safely, clean water where crabs, oysters, and rockfish can thrive, and a bay that doesn't turn into a partly-dead zombie every summer.

Delegate Holmes and every legislator in Annapolis should resist the last-minute flurry of largely speculative complaints by developers, and developers need to take responsibility for the overwhelming pollution their projects dump into our rivers and streams.

Tommy Landers, Baltimore

The writer is a policy advocate with Environment Maryland.

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