GOP budget plan should go back to the drawing board

February 24, 2010

Leave it the Republicans in our General Assembly, who had their four years of opportunity and blew it to come up with some featherbrained schemes like those proposed by Sens. E.J Pipkin and David Brinkley ("GOP comes to the table," Feb. 24).

These two sleepwalkers need to wake up and review past events owing to the fact that most of their spending cut proposals are rehashed washouts. Why in the world they harp on splitting teacher retirement costs with local governments and increasing state employee pension contributions is far beyond comprehension. These are dreadful ideas dreamed up by dullards. Why do these naive politicans want to beat up on the teachers and state workers who form the backbone of the state's responsible and trustworthy workforce?

These unschooled senators also want to mess with the Thornton formula, another cheap shot at education. I strongly advise Senators Pipkin and Brinkley to go back to the drawing board. Their picture of the state's revenues and expenditures is painfully askew.

David Boyd, White Hall

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