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intricate layers

February 24, 2010|by b staff | @bthesite | b free daily

Artist: Todd Marcus

Hometown: Baltimore

Members: Marcus (bass clarinet) and a wide-ranging group of musicians and friends

Sound: Powerful, intricate jazz flowing through a bass clarinet

Fact: Marcus didn't pick up the bass clarinet until college.

Project: Marcus has begun composing music for a follow up to his debut, In Pursuit of the 9th Man.

Next Gig: Joe Squared, March 11

More: toddmarcusjazz.com

COMPOSITIONAL BREW "I've explored a thematic style of composing, which is closer to classical composing," Marcus says. "You start with a basic theme and then you alter it and put more layers on it. The more layers you add, it gets richer and thicker and becomes a cacophony of sound."

PACING AND POSSIBILITIES "The orchestra allows me to present all the different facets of my artistry: my writing, my arrangements and my solo playing," Marcus says. "It also gives me a chance to develop some of my simpler tunes. It's like a short story versus a novel. You can take your time with introductions and expositions."

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