The no-fail Web site that totally failed

February 24, 2010|by Jordan Bartel | | b free daily

It should be one of the most popular spots on the Web.

Instead,'s mish-mash of blah links and boring essays (paired with a design our 10-year-old cousin could improve upon), makes it a what-could-have-been wasteland.

That could change, though. reports that the site, originally registered by the founder of, will be put up for auction next month as part of a foreclosure (which, apparently, happens even in the Web world).

The domain name was reportedly last sold to a company called Escom LLC, which was apparently so troubled that there was a book written about the legal proceedings, "" by Kieren McCarthy. At the time, Escom said would become the "market-leading adult entertainment destination."

Well, only about 120,000 people go to the site every month (slow in sex-related Web site land). Then they likely leave, unless they like tame horoscopes, forum chats about vibrators and lame polls (exhibit A: "Should Khloe Kardashian Make A Sex Tape?" Um, negatory).

We're also dorkily bothered by the site's tag line, "All Ways On Your Mind." Not only does it not really make sense, but we are now on a mission to get Willie Nelson to sue.

Man who broke into jail for sex might end up behind bars Germans never fail to get our attention. U.K. paper the Daily Mail reports that Daniele Eberhardt scaled a fence, dodged surveillance cameras and used a skeleton key to repeatedly break into a jail in Bielefeld, Germany, to hook up with his jailed girlfriend. It got so bad over the month of visits that the "convicts broke the unwritten law of the underworld and told guards about the couple’s illicit trusts." One female inmate told a German newspaper that "it was like listening to a bad porno movie. Lots of grunting and groaning, whispering sweet nothings. It was very hard on us who didn’t have anyone to cuddle with." Daniele was arrested and now faces trespassing charges. So soon he’ll have to break out of jail to have sex. Kind of sucks for him, but then again, if you’ve broken into jail, you'll likely be able to handle breaking out.

Study: men need to go with form-fitting condoms Are men really so full of pride that they won't get the appropriate-to-their-member condom? Yes, a new study suggests. Reuters reports that a study from the Kinsey Institute found that 45 percent of men said they had used a badly fitting condom during the previous three months. Researchers said men will often not buy condoms sized "small" or even "medium."

Apple censors sexy apps Apple: sexual prude? AFP reports that the company has begun removing risque iPhone and iPod Touch apps from its online store. Our favorite axed app: Wobble iBoobs, which basically just lets users watch breast bounce. Apple, this is (some) of your target audience!

Jordan Bartel is assistant editor at b. Follow him on Twitter, @jordanbartel.

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