Not much '60s spirit in terrorists

February 23, 2010

I am writing in reference to Susan Reimer's commentary of Monday Feb. 22 titled, "Where Terrorist and '60s Child Converge."

In her commentary she discusses her identification with areas of terrorists' distaste and frustration with America, mainly with many of its excesses. But to me, that is where America is a blessing -- not only in the excesses to choose from but also in an individual's ability to choose which excesses to participate in and the exposure to contrasts in ideals and philosophies to consider or believe in.

I too was a "rebellious caged youth of my parent's narrow, middle class values." Yet, I was given enough freedom, within limits of honesty and respect, to experience and make mistakes so that not only my parents guided me to a better way but many other caring adults contributed as well.

On the other hand, terrorists are very unhappy people who subscribe to tyranny so that you too are either unhappy or dead. Not very '60s in my mind.

Michael W. Kohlman, Parkville

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