Powers that be leave no choice but to rant

February 23, 2010

As I read Jean Marbella's column in the Sunday Sun ("Rage isn't just a symptom; it's the entire point," Feb. 21) I became angrier and angrier at the way she was able, with apparent impunity, to spew out what I perceived as contemptuous remarks about people who "scream at their congressional representatives at town hall meetings, or attend rallies dressed up like the revolutionary Founding Fathers that the tea partiers imagine themselves to be."

She also managed to work in a dig against "talk radio, cable TV" and "Internet blogs," which of course provide competition to her medium, the daily newspaper; and quite often, another point of view.

In my opinion, Ms. Marbella's column was representative of a dissent-stifling power structure against which millions of patriotic citizens can do little more than rant.

In the past, Ms. Marbella has shown utter contempt for President George W. Bush, which surely must have influenced much of what she wrote about him. She has written disparaging remarks about Sarah Palin. She has dismissed as not credible claims contradicting Al Gore's proclamations about global warming. She has seemingly looked favorably on Barack Obama's plan to remake America.

And as far as I know, she hasn't written anything indicating disagreement with the President's choices of appointees to his "shadow government."

Apparently, Ms. Marbella is a happy camper. Which probably explains why she can't seem to understand or empathize with the "rage" millions of other people are now venting.

Richard T. Seymour, Baltimore

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