Iraqi student should thank Karl Rove

February 23, 2010

Human events are intriguing. So many points of view of the same event demand tolerance if we are going to get along at all. Our guest Ahmed at Goucher College is an emotional reminder of this dilemma of life (" Iraqi student's education goes far beyond Goucher," Feb. 21).

I can not imagine the tragedies the people of Iraq have endured since the U.S. led invasion of 2003. Confronting Karl Rove had to be a critical moment of Ahmed's life. In so doing, he joined the long American tradition of protesting war. We the people have always spoke out against war, dating back to the late 1700s during the quasi-war with France during President John Adams' administration.

Now an American tradition is expanded and shared. Some may think this is a good thing. Consider this: Before the invasion, "adults around Ahmed knew better than to say anything against Hussein or the ruling party." How did this change occur? Perhaps, it was as Ahmed describes those who "had invaded my country... American soldiers with guns..." who promoted our long standing tradition of speaking out against a government. Could the U.S. Military be the best ambassador we have ever sent to Iraq?

I do sincerely hope Ahmed enjoys his stay, gets a good education and returns to Iraq to help make it peaceful and prosperous. If your diet allows you to eat shellfish, please try a Maryland crab cake. I recommend G & M Restaurant. If you need a ride, I am available for lunch and I will even pick up the tab. I just ask that as you prepare for your return to Iraq, consider sending Mr. Rove a thank you note.


Joe Willard

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