At the Maryland Science Center

February 19, 2010|By Chris Kaltenbach | | Baltimore Sun reporter

If you go to the Maryland Science Center to check out "GPS Adventures," here are five things not to miss while you're there.

1. "Your Body: The Inside Story": Step inside a beating heart, listen to amplified body sounds (some of which sound pretty darn strange, if not borderline obscene), lie on a bed of nails. Ever wonder what it sounds like to digest a can of soda pop? This is the place to find out.

2. The Davis Planetarium: All the stars in the night sky put on one heck of a show, and here's where to find out just what you're looking at. There's a live look at the sun (the one that warms our planet, not the one you're reading), a preview of what's in store in the heavens on the night you're visiting and a tour of those heavens with Mister Rogers and friends.

3. The IMAX Theater: Sure, you can see IMAX films at other theaters, but not on a screen this huge. Fair warning: Don't sit in the front row, or your neck will never recover. A schedule of IMAX's greatest hits, including a visit to the Grand Canyon and an encounter with a pride of lions, runs through March 4. In the spring, Tim Burton's 3D "Alice In Wonderland" hits the screen.

4. Science Store: Pens that bubble as they write, dinosaur models, rocks from all over the world -- you don't have to be a science-obsessed geek to appreciate the stuff at the museum gift shop.

5. The rest of the Inner Harbor: Step back a century or two below deck at the Constellation. Ride a water taxi over to Fells Point. Have lunch at Harborplace. Try on some new clothes at The Gallery.

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