Single-stream recycling isn't for us

February 19, 2010

We have been faithful recyclers since Baltimore County's program began, but we won't be any longer. Things were fine when we could put materials out in paper and plastic bags. When single-stream was set to begin, we dutifully bought a container to replace the plastic, and, sure enough, the second time we put the container out, it was stolen. Someone took it today despite the fact that our name and address are clearly printed on the side of the container.

We have no intention of wasting any more money on plastic containers. From now on, we'll just put everything out with the garbage. I doubt that we're the only ones who are going to be burned like this. Baltimore County's new program is probably going to result in less recycling rather than more as more and more people have their recycling containers stolen out from under them.

Janis L. Koch, Towson

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