Column disrespects the Bidens

February 18, 2010

Sports news provides a respite for many from the generally depressing news of the day. That is until Chris Erskine chose to use the sports pages to report his personal bias about a minor accident near the Olympic venues in Vancouver ("Felming flap puts Biden on thin ice," Feb. 17). Mr. Erskine must have had a bad day with his favorite sports teams. He venomously attacked Jill Biden, the wife of the vice president for eating oysters, which he knows were from Japan, at a Vancouver Hotel. Mr. Erskine goes on to refer to Joe Biden as "the current vice doofus." These are words that all of us can do without when reporting from any Olympic games, games that are to foster peace and goodwill.

In the later part of Mr. Erskine's column, he reports a minor fender-bender as if it were a major accident. "Bumpers met, the earth shook and Peggy Fleming and [bobsledder Vonetta] Flowers bounced around like hockey pucks," Mr. Erskine writes. It is amazing to note that later on the same day Ms. Fleming and Ms. Flowers were seated in front of Vice President Biden at an Olympic skating event.

I would encourage Mr. Erskine to confine this type of commentary to some cheap blog where it belongs and not to the sports page where so many of us turn for news about sports.

William P. Metzger

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