City has worked to clear transit lines

February 17, 2010

The Maryland Transit Administration and the Baltimore City Department of Transportation heard and responded to Tom Wilcox's call for city/state cooperation to clear snow from bus and rail transit lines ("Baltimore should have focused on clearing transit lines," Readers respond, Feb. 15).

City and state agencies worked together to coordinate snow removal efforts throughout the city. Each agency assigned a representative to the other's command center to convey information about where plowing was needed. As a result, MTA was able to have limited service on 13 routes within hours of the end of the first snowfall. In fact, at one point the only traffic moving in the city was MTA buses and trains. City crews shoveled out more than 250 priority bus stops identified by the MTA, and we worked together to provide emergency transportation for dialysis patients.

Today, the subway, light rail and all 51 bus routes are running, most on their regular schedules. No one wants our streets and transit lines back in service more than we do, and our strong working relationship is getting Baltimore moving again.

Ralign T. Wells and Alfred H. Foxx, Baltimore

The writers are the administrator of the Maryland Transit Administration and director of the Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

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