Republicans and Democrats are to blame for health bill stagnation

February 17, 2010

Both the letters from Michael P. DeCicco ("Health bill stagnation is not Republicans' fault," Feb. 12) and Kathleen Farno ("Republicans to blame for health care bill's flaws," Feb. 15) did an excellent job defending their partisan political positions. But what their responses failed to do is recognize the anger and frustration that non-partisan independents and clear thinking party moderates have with both parties not working together for the betterment of this great country.

Instead of the leaders of the Republican and Democratic party blaming each other for the health bill fiasco, it seems to me an apology is needed to the American public by the leaders of both parties in Congress and by President Obama for the bill's failure. We all know it is better to admit your mistakes, learn by them and then move forward. Unless that happens, partisan politics will continue to keep this important piece of legislation from having any chance of passage.

Come November, the voters will have their say.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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