Annapolis arrogance doesn't change

February 17, 2010

I smiled when I read Maureen Harper's letter to the editor ("Arrogance in Annapolis," Readers respond, Feb. 16) in which she wrote about appearing before the Maryland General Assembly's Ways and Means Committee.

Ms. Harper reports that the members of the committee were rude and arrogant when she and fellow citizens testified on bills related to jobs, tax credits and property tax assessments. She said the committee was inattentive and rushed their testimony.

My group, Property Taxpayers United, experienced the same treatment more than 10 years ago when we appeared before the Ways and Means Committee. One committee member (now deceased) acted like Little Caesar and cut us off, citing time limits while looking down his nose at us.

I see where this committee hasn't changed a bit in all these years!

David Boyd, White Hall

The writer is co-founder of Property Taxpayers United.

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