Snow does not prove global warming

February 16, 2010

I laughed when I read Mike Tidwell's "The sky really is falling" (Feb. 14). The fact that this winter has been the snowiest on record in Baltimore proves nothing. Climatologists know that climate change is constant and there have been many periods of warming and cooling throughout earth's history, some more extreme than anything we have experienced in human history. Therefore, no one can prove that our back-to-back blizzards were freak events. Nor can anyone prove that they were due to man-made global warming.

I agree with those who say that we must reduce pollution, including carbon emissions. However, we should not pretend that reducing pollution will have any effect on solar activity, the eccentricities of the earth's orbit, the tilt of the earth's axis, the circulation of warm and cool water in the oceans, volcanism, or any other natural forces driving our climate. These are beyond our control or influence. Furthermore, these forces operate on cycles that span thousands of years, and they have been operating for billions of years.

Douglas J. Kingsley, Baltimore

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