Garbage trucks should pick up all the chairs saving parking spaces

February 16, 2010

It's time to end the practice of reserving snow-cleared parking spots. Instead of pitching in and digging out their snowed-in streets, people throw junk in their barely cleared parking spots and expect to be able to keep parking there until the snow melts. This could take weeks. Community minded, law abiding citizens who also dug out their spots but didn't want to be rude to their neighbors are now in a constant war to find a parking spot. This is contributing to a lawless atmosphere regarding navigating the snowed-in city and is being used as an excuse to keep a parking spot night and day by people who normally have no such right.

If we follow the logic of the chair/brick/baby gate parking space markers, people who were out of town during the snowstorm should park somewhere else and take taxis home until the snow melts. In addition, nobody can call in the cable, electric or gas workers because God forbid someone would park in their spot while they're at work. Also, people who work late or have to go out of town and don't want to block a spot for days/weeks, lose their ability to park in their neighborhoods altogether.

This is plain wrong, and it has to end. Garbage trucks should be given orders to collect anything left in the street, and people should be expected to clear the snow in front of their houses. It's been a week, and unless we want this stalemate to choke the city for weeks, someone has to step up.

Baltimore Snowman

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