Sportsmanship should go for fans, too

February 15, 2010

In an ideal world, sportsmanship would be expected just as much of the fans as it is of the players ("Terps' Vasquez answers insults," Feb. 13). And in an institute of higher learning, one would expect even a little more from the fans. Unfortunately, University of Maryland's star guard Greivis Vasquez continues to endure racially-tinged taunts and jibes.

If, indeed, many a truth is said in jest, then the implications of these jeers may reflect a xenophobic undercurrent that seems to be plaguing society, especially in the aftermath of 9/11. Fortunately, in the face of such adversity, Mr. Vasquez perseveres with composure and aplomb.

Though the First Amendment precludes the policing of such ugly fan behavior, decency and common sense may push us to self-reflection, sensitivity and the embracing of our multicultural nation and world. Thanks to Sun writer Jeff Barker and the Terps' Vasquez for providing us what might be a life lesson from which we can all learn.

Tracy Stott, Baltimore

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