County snow removal shortchanges pedestrians

February 15, 2010

I read and hear all the stories about snow removal in the city and how they think Baltimore County does a much better job of clearing the streets. How about the sidewalks for pedestrians? If you walk, you're out of luck. Even if you are a student trying to walk to the school in our neighborhood! The county isn't all that great! You won't believe what they did to us!

This past Saturday, construction equipment started working in our neighborhood to push the snow out of the street onto the sidewalks. Even on the sidewalks that lead to the Oliver Beach Elementary School! All of the talk about clearing the streets leads one to believe that pedestrians are not even considered in the plan. Even if the pedestrians are schoolchildren.

When they pushed the snow out of the streets onto the sidewalks, they created 6-foot piles of snow! I guess the kids will have to walk in the street to get to school! There is now way a person with a shovel can clear that mness.

Now, please tell me what county official thought up that plan? When school starts tomorrow, I hope the children don't get hurt while walking in the street, so they can get to school!

Phyllis Nelson

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