Outdoors Girl: Is NOAA selling names on its saltwater fisherman's registry

February 14, 2010|By Candus Thomson

Dutch Snyder of Snow Hill asks: I'm wondering why six days after registering for the National Saltwater Angler Registry, and four days before I received my card, I got a come-on from the North American Fishing Club. I would hope the government is not making fishermen register and then selling its mailing list.

Outdoors Girl replies: As someone who registered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's angler registry in the first moments of its existence (and got a snazzy membership card 13 days later), I was concerned that Uncle Sam might be trying to reduce the national debt by selling the list to Publisher's Clearinghouse or some gold coin investment scam. But NOAA spokeswoman Monica Allen says the agency has not and cannot sell or give away the list of registrants to anyone. The registry is used only for scientific research. Speaking of registering, other readers have asked when the Maryland Department of Natural Resources will unveil its licensing proposal for 2011, when the agency is expected to assume responsibility for registering all saltwater anglers. For whatever reason, the bill is still hung up in the legislative sausage factory. What we know is that saltwater anglers - with few exceptions - will pay $15 for an annual license rather than give $20 to $30 to NOAA next year. That is, if the General Assembly approves the bill.

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