Developers who profit from the bay should save it

February 14, 2010

It's disappointing to hear so much rhetoric coming from members of the development community and some local politicians over new storm water rules in Maryland ("A threat to Smart Growth" Feb. 2).

The plain truth is that developers appreciate a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay when they can build waterfront homes or other development projects with real estate values boosted by water views. But when saving the bay requires them (and everyone else, by the way) to do more to protect it, they threaten to retreat to the sprawling suburbs again.

As we hear threats of lost jobs and development projects ceasing, I can't help but remember the last time the storm water regulations were updated in 2000 and the development community, and some politicians, warned of a dismal future. Didn't we see a construction and real estate boom in the mid 2000s? They were wrong then, and they're wrong now. We can have a clean bay and a profitable development community.

Kate Primm

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