Democrats need to have Obama's back

February 14, 2010

There is a reason Democrats have gotten a bad rap when it comes to national security. We cannot be trusted to fight to the bitter end. When things get frustrating, and we think our leaders are not doing enough, we begin to feel angry and betrayed, and we are too willing to throw up our hands and walk away from the (ugly) process.

If our president appears weak, it's because we have weakened him. Not only don't we have his back, he has to worry about being shot from behind by snipers in his own party. It doesn't make us intellectually superior or more principled to walk away, it makes us exactly what Republicans have always said we are: cowards.

Republicans know its only a matter of time before liberals give up, and quit the field. All they have to do to win is wait us out.

Zekke LyDonna

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