Howard County handles the snow

February 13, 2010

After reading and hearing so many negative statements about the conditions of our roads here in Howard County after all of this snowfall I am compelled to express my views.

First, I need to express my appreciation for the timely, clear, concise e-mail communications that County Council Member Courtney Watson has sent out during these storms. It is obvious that she has been concerned about her constituents and made it a priority to keep us informed. I recommend everyone become a member of their local representative's e-mail distribution list.

As for the conditions of our roads this past week:

I made the mistake of assuming that most roads would be as clear as my small side street and attempted to make a 9 a.m. appointment in downtown Baltimore on Monday morning. I feel quite lucky that I was able to return without getting stuck or worse having to abandon my vehicle. This was West Redwood Street, not some small alley!

My business required me to be on the road on Tuesday in Montgomery County (Burtonsville, Rockville, Chevy Chase), Prince George's County (Laurel and Beltsville) and southern Baltimore County ( Catonsville, Arbutus, Lansdowne), and the condition of the roads, by far, were the safest and clearest here in Howard County.

The small court that my driveway is on was cleared on Sunday night and was cleaner and more open at that time than Hilton Avenue in Catonsville and Spencerville Road in Montgomery County were on Tuesday afternoon! Both of these roads are feeder roads to many neighborhoods and were dangerous at best!

The difference in road conditions in these areas, compared to our local Howard County roadways, was so striking that my feelings moved from being appalled at these other jurisdictions' performance to feeling spoiled by the services that we Howard County residents enjoy!

Thank you for your efforts Ms. Watson!

Thank you for your stellar performance Howard County Bureau of Highways!

Bud Goth, Ellicott City

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