Snow: Winners and losers

February 13, 2010

Winners and losers in the twin snowstorms
Kids who got once-in-a-generation snow breaks

Anyone whose car fit in their garage

Point-and-click entertainment

St. Bernards and Bernese Mountain dogs

Neighbors of owners of pickup trucks and snow blades


Bellies warmed by soup and nerves dulled by beer

Anyone looking for an excuse to ignore Valentine's Day

Power lines

Former Maryland hoops star and Rep. Tom McMillen (6 feet 11 inches) and others who tower over 6-foot snowdrifts


Parents tired of hearing "I'm booooorrred"

City parkers on the shady side of side streets

Any amusement beyond the front door

Dachshunds and Chihuahuas

Neighbors of those who never touched a shovel

Mini Coopers

Shoulders, arms and backs screaming for aspirin and ibuprophen

Florists and chocolatiers

Evergreen branches

Anyone shorter than 4-foot 11-inch Sen. Barbara Mikulski

Winners and losers in the twin snowstorms

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