Snow removal: heroic or deplorable?

February 13, 2010

Opinions on how good a job state and local officials did in clearing this week's snowstorms varied widely, with some praising the efforts and others calling them nearly criminal. Here's a sampling of reader reactions from The Sun editorial board's blog. Read more and share your thoughts at

In this event, I cannot fault any local or state government for any failure for snow removal. We are not equipped with the proper machinery for this type of event.

Give them a break. Voters' Ignorance

I live on Mt. Carmel Road in Upperco (Hereford, Parkton) and the snow removal is always top notch. The Hereford State Highway Administration does a spectacular job year round. We are very fortunate indeed.NotableM

I was seething watching our new mayor's Twitter-feed rolling by. Seemed she was having a great time trying to break her arm to pat herself on the back with her percentages of secondary streets plowed. I find it deplorable that I live in the shadow of the Hopkins downtown medical campus, but if I were to have a medical emergency in here I would have been dead three times before they figured out how to get on my street. The only reason we've been able to get out is because some of the neighbors banded together to dig at least partial paths to freedom.

I will give her credit for cleaning it up, though - she backpedaled and was later quoted as saying "we understand that the city isn't clear until your street is clear."Stuck in the City

The great Mike Miller is dissatisfied with snow removal in Annapolis. He was riding with his trooper in his state-supplied vehicle looking for a new building, street, waterway or monument where he could have his name carved forever.

Or was he returning from the Maryland basketball game where he has great, FREE tickets to every game?? He is a fat cat who doesn't get it, that the workers around the state are busting their butts with two blizzards in five days. Let him breathe on the ice with his HOT AIR!!! It will bring Spring ASAP!Teresa Langellier

I find it quite amazing that anyone is complaining about snow removal during either of these storms; never in the history of weather recording/reporting have there been two major snow storms within a week - NEVER. Rather than complaining about how streets haven't been plowed, get out and start shoveling (and TV stations, stop asking if a person is frustrated with the snow - there's nothing that can be done about it).

I live on a one-lane street with cars parked on both sides. Last Sunday, everyone in my neighborhood came out and within 4.5 hours we were dug out; and we are planning on doing the same tomorrow. People need to stop expecting someone else to take care of things and start helping with the solution. Amazed

I grew up in the city and the streets were always plowed - all of them. For Gov. Martin O'Malley and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to congratulate themselves on the "great job" they're doing and excoriate us for complaining that they are not doing a "great job" is beyond the pale.Maria Allwine

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