Arundel officials band to encourage shoveling

February 13, 2010|By Baltimore Sun reporter

County Executive John R. Leopold, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen and schools Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell on Saturday urged residents and businesses to clear paths on sidewalks and to dig out fire hydrants and storm drains still covered by the snow accumulation of the last two storms.

The officials made clear they want to assure students can return to school on Tuesday, as planned.

"We are all working as hard as we possibly can to get our roadways and walkways back in shape following this historic event," Leopold said in a statement.

"While our crews have worked day and night and continue to do so, it is a critical matter of public safety that we enlist the assistance of our residents to get sidewalks, fire hydrants, and storm drains cleared. Emergency crews need quick access to the hydrants, clear drains will reduce the risk of flooded roads and neighborhoods, and paths on sidewalks will allow for safe travel of pedestrians and of students, who are scheduled to return to class on Tuesday."

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