Cars, not big rigs, cause most accidents

February 12, 2010

I would like to comment on Michael Dresser's article about "bad truck drivers" ("Can't avoid jackknifing? Don't be a truck driver," Feb. 8).

Nowhere in that article did he mention the bad car drivers out there that cause 75 percent of the truck wrecks across the country. Mr. Dresser seems to have a grudge against truck drivers in general. Question to him: When was the last time you actually drove 40 tons down the road and tried to stop it on a dime because of a four-wheeler stopping in front of you on short notice? Probably never.

I do agree that there are drivers out there that push it too hard in foul weather, but you can't paint all of us with such a broad brush. I have 1.5 million miles under my belt in a big truck and have never had an accident or lost control of my truck in any weather condition. I invite you to come for a ride across the country and see what I deal with every day in any given city in the U.S. I believe it will open your eyes and maybe then you will write an article about the four-wheelers that truly are public enemy No. 1 to us truck drivers.

We have a job to do out here. We are not just driving around looking for something to do. We have a purpose to our driving. Our purpose is to make sure that all people in this country and other countries have the items on the store shelves that they need when they need them. That part never gets reported. But let a driver have an accident and it is all over the papers. What about all the good things we do? How about the billions of miles trucks drive accident free? Try reporting that. There is enough bad reporting on truckers, what we need is good reporting.

Robert Fish

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